A feature image asking, 'Why Is My Samsung Phone Not Allowing Me to Make Calls?'

Why Is My Samsung Phone Not Allowing Me to Make Calls?

Written by: Emma Morris


Samsung Phone Not Allowing Me to Make Calls?

The frustration of grabbing your Samsung phone, tapping the call icon, and—nothing!

So why is your Samsung phone giving you the cold shoulder when you try to make calls?

Network issues? Software glitches?

We're about to find out. Stick around for a no-nonsense guide to troubleshooting this mind-boggling annoyance.

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Key Takeaways

  • A simple restart can sometimes do the trick.

  • Outdated software could be holding you back.

  • Third-party apps might be your silent saboteurs.

  • Your last resort is dialling up your network provider—here's how to prepare.

The Power of Restarting Your Samsung Phone

Your Android phone is a complex machine that sometimes gets tired. The easiest fix? A quick power-down.

It's no magic potion, but a simple restart can perform wonders when getting your calls working again.

  • Hold the power button for a few seconds and select "Restart."

Restarting your device can reset network settings, close rogue apps, and breathe some life back into your Samsung Galaxy.

In technical terms, it frees up RAM, resets the cache, and rejigs the system apps.

All of these can mess with your phone's ability to make outgoing and incoming calls.

Deep Dive into Settings

If your Android phone still has trouble making calls, the issue might be within your phone settings app.

Checking the Network Connection

Simply put, you can't make any outgoing calls if you have no network bars.

So, it's essential to check your Samsung phone's network coverage if you're struggling to make or receive calls.

Navigate to the "Settings" app, then head over to "Mobile Networks" to make sure you're connected to your network operator.

If you find yourself consistently losing signal, consider checking if the issue persists in different locations.

Flipping the Airplane Mode Switch on Android Phones

We've all seen that little airplane icon, but did you know it's more than just a flight mode?

If you can't make or receive calls, try toggling the airplane mode on and off.

Navigate to your Android device's settings menu, look for "Airplane Mode", and give it a whirl.

Wait a moment before turning it back off.

This simple act refreshes your mobile network settings, potentially solving your calling woes.

Adjusting SIM and Mobile Network Configuration

If your Samsung phone is juggling multiple SIM cards, things might get confusing for your device.

Here's a professional tip:

  • Head over to the settings menu and, from there, onto the SIM card settings page. Check out which SIM card is active for calls.

  • On the same SIM configuration page, make sure the card designated for calls is the one you want to use.

This simple little trick is often overlooked but can be a game-changer for your Samsung phone's ability to make or receive calls without any problems.

Update Software

Sometimes, the issue is less about what's visible and more about what's running behind the scenes—like your software version.

An outdated Android device is more prone to glitching, resulting in issues when making or receiving calls.

To check if you're on the latest version:

  • Open your settings menu and scroll down until you spot 'Software Update.'

  • Give it a tap and let your Samsung phone search for updates.

If there's a newer, shinier version available, you'll be prompted to download and install it.

Usually, these updates include bug fixes that can resolve any issues related to your device.

The installation may take a few seconds or minutes, but it'll be worth the wait in the end.

Remember: Before you dive into the update, ensure your Samsung Galaxy is connected to a Wi-Fi network and has enough battery juice.

You wouldn't want your phone to run out of battery mid-update, would you?

Check For Physical Damage

While we often focus on the digital side of things, sometimes the issue is as plain as the nose on your face—physical damage.

If your Samsung phone is acting more like a fancy paperweight than a communication device, it's time to play detective.

First off, eyeball that SIM card slot. A damaged or improperly seated SIM card can mess up your ability to make or receive calls.

Remove the SIM card and give it the once-over for any signs of wear and tear, scratches, or chips.

If it looks like it's seen better days, consider replacing it.

If you're contemplating a switch, don't forget to check out our guide on the Samsung phone with best camera or our roundup of the best Samsung tablet deals. Both offer top-of-the-line Samsung tech that can take your mobile experience to the next level.

Ringing Up Your Network Provider

So, you've tried everything short of smoke signals and still can't make or receive calls on your Samsung phone.

It might be time to call your network provider from another device for some heavyweight assistance.

When you ring them up, they're going to ask you a series of questions to identify the problem. What you'll need to help you is:

  • Keep your account information handy—think account number, the phone number linked to the account, and your security pin.

  • Have your Android device with you, too. They might instruct you to toggle certain settings while you're on the call.

Note: Once you are on the line, notify them of all the steps you have taken before the phone call.

This might speed up the process of narrowing down the issues further.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, from checking your SIM card to resetting your Android phone and even considering that call to your network provider.

Hopefully, your Samsung device is now more sociable, letting you both make and receive calls without any hiccups.

And if you're still stuck, remember you can always snag a certified refurbished Samsung Galaxy phone from UR.co.uk. With a 90-point check and a 12-month warranty, it's a no-brainer.

Cheers to endless, uninterrupted chats!

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