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iPad Pro Release Date

Written by: Emma Morris


iPad Pro Release Date

Various tech giants are releasing new and exciting products, and we can soon expect Apple to do the same for the long-anticipated iPad Pro 2024, the successor to the refurbished iPad at UR.co.uk.

Some suggest the launch date will be the end of this year, much like the later autumn launch of the previous generation. But there have been rumours that it could be much sooner.

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Key Takeaways:

  • It appears that the iPad Pro 2024 might gain a new OLED screen, replacing the LED and mini LED display technology of the past.

  • If rumours are correct, there could also be a new Apple Pencil on the horizon.

  • Are the iPad Pro models becoming more aligned with Apple Macs? There is speculation that this might be the case for the latest iPad edition.

Release Date Rumours

Around Late March to Early April

It feels as though nearly a decade has passed since a new iPad line hit the market. However, based on information that Apple is pumping up its production on these new devices, there has begun to be more speculation about when the 2024 version will be released.

Although Apple launched the iPad 2022 in October, current rumours and leaked information suggest that the new iPad Pro edition will grace the tablet market around late March to early April, hinting that the first Apple announcement will be around mid-March.

Rumours of Features and Functions

Refurbished iPad Pro 2022
The latest iPad Pro line - the refurbished iPad Pro 2022
There has yet to be official confirmation about what to expect from the new iPad lineup, but here's what we have to go off so far.

Change in Display Technology and Design

The new iPad Pro models will now arrive with OLED displays instead of the LED and mini LED displays found in previous generations, such as the refurbished iPad Air 2022 and the refurbished iPad Mini 2021.

What do these changes mean in reality? Well, you can expect the OLED display to offer improved imagery, such as having deeper contrasts and better colour accuracy while enhancing refresh rate and battery life efficiency.

Some are embracing the idea that it will also look similar to Apple Macs, with some speculating that the next-generation iPad Pro will also feature a landscape-orientation front-facing camera, giving the device a 'laptop-like' appearance when attached to a Magic Keyboard.

Whether this comes to fruition is yet to be seen, but if it does happen, you can expect a more centred appearance during video calls online.

Performance Enhancements on the New Apple Release

Following the trend that these new iPads will be more comparable to laptops, we can also expect significant changes in the processing power of the latest 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro models.

Rumours suggest that these new tablets will feature the latest M3 chip found in recent Macs, designed to deliver enhanced graphics capabilities and improved AI performance for both medium and intense everyday use. Read more here.

In addition to this chip, leaks have hinted that the new iPad Pro will have an increased storage capacity, introducing a 4TB option to complement the range already available in previous iPad Pro, iPad Mini, and iPad Air models.

This means you'll gain more room for photos, videos, and art projects without feeling the need to transfer them elsewhere to free up space.

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Final Thoughts

If leaks and rumours are to be believed, there will be a lot of excitement from late March to early April.

But if you're looking for more news on the latest and greatest from Apple, Samsung, and Google in the meantime, take a look at our blog.

We offer all sorts of insights to make your next purchase extra special.

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