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Transfer Internal Storage to SD Card in Samsung

Written by: Emma Morris


Transfer Internal Storage to SD Card in Samsung

Have you ever found yourself juggling files on your Samsung device, desperate for a smidgen more space?

Look no further. We've got a nifty solution—transfer data from your internal storage to an SD card.

Just keep scrolling to learn how and why you should give your Samsung phone a storage makeover with the help of UR.co.uk.

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Key Takeaways

  • Lighten up internal storage and boost your Samsung device's speed.

  • Transferring internal storage to an SD card in Samsung is easy.

  • Some apps prefer the confines of internal storage, so choose wisely.

  • Stuck? Our troubleshooting tips will help you navigate any bumps,

The Perks of Shifting Storage to an SD Card

Have you ever received the "storage almost full" alert and wondered why life is so unfair?

If so, transferring data from internal storage to an SD card should be your go-to tool.

By undertaking this simple manoeuvre, you can boost performance, save more memories, and free up room for new adventures. Here's why it's a game-changer.

Boosts Performance

Transferring files from your device's internal storage to an SD card can work like a charm to speed up your phone.

Have you ever wondered why your phone slows down after a while?

One culprit is overloaded internal storage. So, give your phone some breathing room by offloading some of that data elsewhere.

Saves Memories

Photos and videos gobble up a heap of your phone's storage space. Especially when you're a shutterbug, who captures every moment as quickly as possible.

By shifting all the photos and other media files to your SD card, you're essentially extending the life of those precious memories.

There's no need to compromise or delete stuff you love. Just press 'transfer files' and get ready to look back on them for years to come.

Room for More

Got an eye on a new game? Want to download files or new apps without the constant "Low Storage" warnings?

Well, shifting data from internal storage to an SD card opens the gate to more digital loot. Apps, games, or whatever floats your boat—you've got the capacity for it now.

No more limiting yourself to your Samsung's storage space.

There you have it—transferring from internal storage to SD not only improves your Samsung device's performance but also ensures you have ample room for memories and future downloads.

It's like giving your phone a new lease on life without the hefty price tag.

For more tips and tricks to make the most of your Samsung device, or if you're eyeing an upgrade, check out our in-depth guides on the best Samsung tablet deals and Samsung phones with best camera. Trust us, it's a treasure trove of information that'll help you level up your tech game.

Preliminary Steps to Backing Up

Are you ready to back up your data on an SD card?

Well, before you hit the transfer button, a few simple pre-steps can save you from a world of trouble further down the line.

Make sure you have these simple tips completed before you start.

  • Check Compatibility: Ensure your SD card and device are in sync, as not all Samsung gadgets are SD card compatible

    A glance at your device model and a peek at the user manual will do the trick in letting you know whether this process is possible.

  • Software Updates: You don't want to trip over outdated software. 

    Head to the settings menu, spot that gear icon and make sure you're up to date.

  • Free Up Space: Time to show the exit door to unnecessary apps and files. 

    Hit your settings app and remove any data gobblers that require constant access to your phone's resources.

Backing up your data isn't just a click-and-forget operation.

By setting the stage with these preliminary actions, you're setting yourself up for a seamless, stress-free experience.

Manual Transfer with Files App

So you've checked your SD card compatibility, you're running the latest and greatest software, and you've removed the digital clutter.

Now for the main event—getting those cherished files from your internal storage to your SD card on your Samsung device.

  1. Open your Files app or File Explorer—it's your gateway to moving stuff around.

  2. Tap Internal Storage to reveal all the gems you've got stored.

  3. Select the Desired Media Files: Choose all the files you want to move from internal storage to SD.

  4. Tap Move. Yes, you're literally moving them!

  5. Go back to the Files app and now Tap SD Card.

  6. Choose your New Folder or create one. Just tap 'Paste here' to add the files to the new location.

Remember, transferring your data isn't just about making more space; it's a rite of passage in maximising your Samsung device's potential.

SD Card as Default Storage Location

You've got that SD card ready to take on more responsibility.

Let's transition from using it as just an extra pocket to making it the go-to storage space on your Samsung device.

Here's your straightforward guide:

  • Settings and Storage: Head over to "Settings" on your Samsung device. Find the "Storage" section to manage your data playground.

  • Select the SD: Tap on your SD card from the list of storage options.

  • Menu Icon: See those three dots in the upper-right corner? Tap it to open a menu filled with extra settings.

  • Storage Settings or Format: Your device will give you an option here: "Storage settings" or "Format as internal". Select based on what your Samsung model shows.

  • Follow the Prompts: You'll see a series of on-screen instructions to guide you through formatting the SD card.

  • Wrap It Up: After formatting is done, the SD card is ready to take over. 

    You'll even have the option to transfer apps, photos, and other data, thereby freeing up internal storage space on your device.

Note: Keep in mind that some of your system apps will stay on the internal storage, but your future downloads will automatically land on the SD card, which is now your default storage location.

Troubleshooting Any Issues

Transferring internal storage to an SD card on a Samsung device can sometimes feel like navigating a maze blindfolded.

When things go south, you might feel like tossing your phone across the room.

But We're going to tackle this together and troubleshoot the most common hiccups that come with the territory.

Error Messages

A dreaded error message can give you the jitters, making you doubt everything when that red text comes at you saying "Move Failed".

Keep calm, though; we've got some straightforward fixes that will put your phone back in line.

  • Storage Capacity: If your screen shows "Not enough storage space," it's a sign. 

    Maybe it's time to go through your data storage and give some files the boot. Or consider upgrading to an SD card with more storage capacity.

  • File Format Issues: A 'File not supported' message is a miscommunication between your files and the SD card. 

    You may have to format the SD card in a way that makes it play nice with the types of files you're moving. 

    Do check your device model's user manual to know which format is recommended.

The Missing Files Mystery

The old disappearing act. You've moved the files, but they've decided to play hide and seek.

Although it's frustrating, they aren't lost forever.

  • Hidden Folders: A hidden folder might just be your files' new hideout, just use your device's file explorer or check the settings menu for the option to reveal hidden files.

  • File Corruptions: Now and then, a file decides it wants to live on the edge and gets corrupted during the transfer process. 

    The good news? You can bring it back to the land of functionality with specialised file recovery tools. Your important data doesn't have to vanish into the digital ether.

Well done! With a bit of patience and the right steps, you can smooth out those digital wrinkles and make your Samsung and SD card live happily ever after.


Sometimes, you don't have the time to comb through a tutorial when you're wrestling with data transfer issues on your Samsung devices.

So, let's break down the FAQ barricade and get you some quick answers.

Is It Possible to Move Google Play Store Apps to SD Card?

Not all apps will pack their bags and settle down in SD card territory.

Google Play Store apps are especially finicky, as it's often up to the developers to include an SD storage option in the app's creation.

You'll need to check the particular app you want to move to see if this option is available.

How Do I Ensure Compatibility Between My SD Card and Device?

Check your device model and consult the manufacturer's guidelines to see what types of SD cards are supported.

To ensure compatibility, format the SD card through the device's settings.

Some cards need a bit of a handshake before they work seamlessly with different devices.

Why Is My Data Transfer Speed So Slow?

You're drumming your fingers, waiting for that transfer to finish?

First off, transfer might be slow due to your card's age. Older cards may lack the power of newer models, causing slower transfer speeds.

If you've got a dated SD card, consider swapping it for a newer SD card with higher speed ratings.

Final Thoughts: How to transfer internal storage to SD card in Samsung?

You made it! Transferring your internal storage to an SD card on your Samsung device is a journey, not a sprint.

By now, you should be an expert in the art of data transfer, from preparation to execution, and even a little troubleshooting for those inevitable bumps in the road.

And if you're looking for more peace of mind, check out how each device we offer undergoes a rigorous 90-point Phonecheck to ensure it's in top-notch condition.

Go have a look today, and transfer with complete peace of mind.

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