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A Guide to Maintaining the Health of Your Smartphone

Written by: Emma Morris


A Guide to Maintaining the Health of Your Smartphone

A Guide to Maintaining the Health of Your Smartphone. As a refurbished phone company, we've seen nearly every phone in every condition, from old phones missing a button or two to new devices with a cracked screen; you name it, and it's probably landed in our facility one way or another.

Accidents happen to the best of us, and often, our phones bear the brunt of the mishap. But don't succumb to the feeling that your phone will inevitably break; you can take a few steps to protect your device for longer.

Keep reading to discover more.

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Reasons to Protect Your Phone

We don't need to remind you that protecting your phone ensures a longer life and continued access to the excellent features you've come to love. But apart from this, have you considered what will happen to your old device if you upgrade to a newer model?

In the current climate, your popular iPhone or Android device can fetch a hefty sum for that new gadget should you decide to resell.

However, the only thing preventing you from gaining the most value from your phone is its internal and external condition. With every scratch and glitch, the price will start to decrease.

But before you start worrying and wrapping the phone in bubble wrap. Let's see how you can protect that future investment.

Protecting the Phones Battery Life

Whether it's an Apple device or an Android phone, your device will have a certain number of recharging cycles before the battery life starts to degrade. Find out more here.

Typically, devices with battery health below 80% will fetch a lower price than those above, as the former are often considered to be in a lower condition category.

To ensure you keep your device for longer while also securing a good resale value, you can:

  • Lower Charging Percentage: Charging your device only up to 80% will reduce the number of charging cycles used and prolong your phone's lifespan.

  • Battery Saving Mode: Engaging Battery Saving Mode will help extend your battery life by allowing you to adjust settings.

  • Avoid Battery Depletion: Prevent full charge cycles by avoiding letting your phone reach 0%.

It's also best to keep your phone out of extreme heat to prevent degrading its battery and internal components.

Perform Mobile Phone Maintenance

clean phone

A clean device, both externally and internally, will prolong its longevity.

A sparkling, dust-free phone will ensure that charging, speakers, and headphone ports work as they should. Meanwhile, an organised, clutter-free system will allow your device to work more efficiently and faster without running the risk of overheating.

Here's how you maintain both:

External Cleaning

Ensure you remove debris from your phone using proper methods. This means cleaning your phone's surfaces with a dry tissue, microfiber cloth, or an alcohol wipe specifically designed for this purpose.

Also, avoid water and other inappropriate cleaning agents, and take care to remove dust or grime from charging ports and similar areas using a wooden toothpick or compressed air. Read our how to clean iPhone charging port article to find out more.

Internal Cleaning

You can also prevent your gadget from slowing down by taking these steps:

  • Delete Unused Apps and Files: Unnecessary files and apps are one of the biggest issues affecting your phone's efficiency by occupying too much storage space.

  • Clear Cache: Cache is another element that can affect your phone's performance.

  • To clear data on particular apps, go to your phone's 'Settings' > 'Apps' > 'Storage', then select 'Clear Cache'.

  • You can also remove any on web browsers by going to the app, selecting 'History', then 'Clear Browsing Data'.

Additionally, it's good practice to keep your phone up to date with the latest systems to ensure your system runs smoothly with all the latest security features.

Phone Cover and Screen Protector

Beyond clearing up some internal memory, you can also add a screen protector and cover to your device.

A cracked screen often signifies that your phone is beyond economical repair, meaning many may not accept these devices when it comes to reselling. Plus, cracks also shorten the lifespan of your device in general, potentially allowing access to water, dirt, and dust which could affect the phone's internal components.

Although there's no surefire way to prevent your device from being damaged, a screen protector and a cover are the first steps to protecting it from unfortunate accidents.

What UR.co.uk Can Do For You

When selling your device, you might wonder where the best place to do it is.

Well, instead of searching for hours on end and jumping through hoops just to get a quote, try UR's easy-to-use platform, which guarantees you an excellent price for your device based on its market value.

Plus, we also accept a range of phones in various conditions, including those that have seen better days. Explore the table below to gain a better understanding of what we accept.

Condition Category Criteria
Good Fully functional components, No internal faults, Original, unscratched LCD from 30cm, OEM casing, ≥80% battery health, No liquid damage, Includes stylus, Not modified (e.g., not jailbroken)
Poor Minor internal faults, Heavy scratches on original LCD, Good condition original casing, ≤80% battery health, No liquid damage, Functional home button, Touch ID, Face ID, NFC, Not modified
Faulty Minor functional faults, Heavy wear and tear, good condition original casing, Battery health not specified, No liquid damage, Functional home button, Touch ID, Face ID, NFC, Not modified

Note: We unfortunately don't accept phones with water damage or cracked screens. Take a look at our terms and conditions to find out more.

Final Thoughts

Follow all these steps, and you're bound to protect your phone for future selling purposes.

But that's not all; selling your old phone to us also protects the environment in the process by reducing e-waste and other issues currently caused by mobile phone production.

So, join a commitment to sustainability today and take a step towards a greener future.

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