Ultimate Guide to Looking After Your Refurbished Phone in 2023

Written by: Cristian Fry


Refurbished phones are a great way to get the latest model without breaking the bank. But if you're careless with your phone, it won't look or work like new for long.

Luckily you don't have to be an expert to look after your device.

In a hurry? Here's our top 5 tips:

  1. Invest in a decent screen protector and phone case
  2. Avoid extreme heat
  3. Preserve battery life
  4. Clear the cache regularly
  5. Clean your device

Continue reading to find out more about how to keep your refurbished phone in tip-top condition!

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What Happens When a Phone Is Refurbished?

Refurbishing a phone involves much more than just a simple wipe or factory reset; it's a rigorous and thorough process.

During the refurbishment process, a phone undergoes a series of checks, including battery health, charge cycles, WiFi, GPS, and earpiece functionality - everything needs to be tested and working optimally for the device to be ready for use.

At ur, all phones undergo a meticulous 90-point check, after which it is graded accordingly (Good, Excellent, and Premium).

And because we're Phonecheck certified, you can rest assured all ur phones come complete with approved used status.

5 Tips for Looking After Your Refurbished Phone

Invest in a Decent Screen Protector and Phone Case

Accidental drops. Scratches. It's all part of the life of a phone owner!

We know that none of us wants our trusty device to suffer from unnecessary wear and tear, but it can be difficult to always keep it safe.

That's why investing in a good quality screen protector and phone case is important in preserving your refurbished phone's long-term functionality.

At ur, we've got you covered - selected refurbished phones come with a 100% compostable eco-case and screen protector, so you can responsibly protect your device.

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Avoid Extreme Heat

When temperatures rise, it's important to remember your phone can be at risk of damage.

Direct sunlight and extreme temperatures can shorten your device's life, so keep your phone out of the sun and store it in a cool, dry space whenever possible.

Taking this simple step can extend your phone's lifespan while avoiding costly repairs down the road.

Preserve Battery Life

Preserve your battery life and get the most out of your refurbished phone's battery with a few simple tips.

Start by limiting brightness when not in use and taking advantage of battery-saving features like power-saving mode.

Refurbished phones sold by ur come with a minimum of 80% battery health, so ensure its longevity with wise choices.

Extend its life further and ensure you never find yourself stuck without juice, effectively managing your device's power consumption.

Clear the Cache

Want to keep your phone running like new? Then give it a regular clean-up, starting with clearing out the applications' caches.

Doing so will free up space and memory to help ensure your device performs at its best.

Ready to freshen up your device? Head over to Settings and clear the cache today!

It's a quick, simple process that'll give you peace of mind knowing your data is fresh and you've optimised your phone's performance.

Careful Cleaning

Cleaning your refurbished phone is a must for healthy and hygienic use.

After all, no one wants to risk dust, debris or germs getting into their device.

Thankfully, wiping down your phone with a microfibre cloth or sanitising spray is a simple task that can help reduce those risks with minimal effort.

Get into the habit of cleaning your phone regularly for maximum hygiene and safety!

Which Site Is Best for Refurbished Phones? - The ur Difference

Here at ur, we're passionate about giving smartphones a new lease of life.

To ensure it's fit for your pocket, our expert phone engineers put each and every device through a rigorous 90-point check.

Scored to the strictest diagnostic criteria in the industry, this process gives our phones their Approved Used status – and peace of mind for you.

Plus, every device is certified with its own Certificate of Identification and Functionality – guaranteeing that it will be safe and reliable.

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How to Look After Your Refurbished Phone: Final Thoughts

Keeping your refurbished phone in top working order is necessary to preserve its usability and get the most out of it.

Whether it's investing in a good screen protector and case or cleaning it carefully and regularly, these five tips will help keep your refurbished phone running like new.

Keeping your phone in tip-top shape is well worth the effort, so follow these five simple steps and enjoy your refurbished phone for many years to come!

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Can refurbished phones be trusted?

Yes, you can trust in buying a refurbished phone - particularly when it's an approved used device like all phones sold by ur. 

With care and caution, you can get a reliable device that works just as well as a brand-new one for a much better price. Ur is your go-to for trustworthy and quality refurbished phones!

What are the disadvantages of a refurbished phone?

Refurbished phones may have a battery that doesn't last as long as when it was brand new and potentially have some surface scratches, but the advantages are plentiful.

All devices sold by ur are approved used and have undergone a comprehensive 90-point check and 12-month warranty for complete peace of mind.

Is there a risk in buying a refurbished phone?

Yes, there is always a risk to buying refurbished phones - but when you buy from ur, you can rest assured our in-house expert technicians rigorously test all our phones. 

You can shop our approved used refurbished phones with confidence.

Do refurbished phones have worse battery?

Though refurbished phones can sometimes have worse battery life, ur guarantees a minimum of 80% battery health with all devices. 

Plus, you get £45 worth of complimentary accessories like a 20w charging adapter and cable. So choose wisely, and opt for a ur approved used refurbished phone!

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