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How to Check Screen Time on Google Pixel

A Comprehensive Guide to Screen Time on Google Phones

How to Check Screen Time on Google Pixel. When it comes to digital well-being, understanding your screen time is a vital part of the equation. 

For those who have chosen a Google Pixel from UR's vast collection of refurbished devices, tracking your screen time is a seamless process.

Read on to discover how this feature can help you better manage your digital habits, optimise your device’s lifespan, and make the most out of your investment. 

Let’s dive in!

Unleashing the Power of Digital Wellbeing on Google Pixel

The Google Pixel, much like the other refurbished phones that we stock, comes equipped with a suite of powerful tools for managing your digital wellness. 

The key to understanding your screen time lies in a built-in feature aptly named "Digital Wellbeing."

"With Digital Wellbeing, you can monitor your digital habits and set limits on your usage, contributing to a balanced digital lifestyle."

To navigate to this feature, simply follow these steps:

  1. Open the Settings app on your Google Pixel.
  2. Scroll down to find "Digital Wellbeing & parental controls."
  3. Tap to open this option.

Here, you'll find a detailed breakdown of your device usage.

Screen Time: The Cornerstone of Digital Wellbeing

In the Digital Wellbeing section, you will see your daily screen time at the top. This information is broken down into various categories, showing how much time you spend on different apps and activities.

This screen time data can be a wake-up call for many users. You might find that you're spending more time on certain apps than you realise. 

For example, you might discover that you're spending an excessive amount of time on social media apps or in games. 

The aim here is not to induce guilt but to provide you with the tools to make informed decisions about your digital habits.

For a more detailed breakdown, tap on the chart. This will show you the number of notifications you’ve received and how many times you’ve unlocked your phone.

"Understanding your screen time patterns can help you regain control over your digital habits."

Digital Wellness Beyond Screen Time

Of course, tracking your screen time is just one aspect of digital wellness. There are other features built into your Google Pixel that can contribute to a healthier digital lifestyle. 

Wind Down mode, for instance, turns your screen grayscale and enables the Do Not Disturb feature, helping you disconnect before bed.

If you find that your screen time is higher than you'd like, Google Pixel provides tools to help you control your usage. 

You can set daily app timers, reminding you to take breaks from your screen, or schedule your Wind Down mode to automatically kick in at a certain time each day.

But what if you find that your screen time is low because your battery doesn't last? Perhaps it's time to consider a PhoneCheck certified device from UR. 

We stock a wide range of devices, each guaranteed to have a minimum of 80% battery health and also passed a rigorous 90-point check.

Remember, a balance between connectivity and digital wellness is the key to a sustainable digital lifestyle. Tracking your screen time on your Google Pixel is the first step in this journey.

Stay tuned for the next segment of this guide, where we'll dive deeper into setting limits for your screen time and making the most out of your Google Pixel's battery life. 

We'll also discuss why choosing a refurbished phone like the Google Pixel can contribute to your personal sustainability goals and the wellbeing of our planet.

Managing Screen Time: Setting Limits and Boundaries

After understanding how to check screen time, the next step is setting boundaries. Just as you might budget your money, it's important to budget your time spent on screens.

Google Pixel provides the option to set app timers, which help regulate the amount of time spent on specific applications. Here's how to set up app timers:

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Navigate to "Digital Wellbeing & parental controls."
  3. Under "Your Digital Wellbeing tools," find "App timers."
  4. Tap on "App timers," and you'll see a list of apps with the time spent on them.
  5. Tap on the app for which you want to set a timer, select the amount of time, and tap "OK."

This tool is particularly useful for keeping social media use in check, limiting distractions, and maintaining a healthy digital lifestyle. 

You can always adjust these timers based on your needs and schedule.

"Setting limits doesn't mean compromising on connectivity. It's about making smart choices and staying in control of your time."

Conserving Battery Life: A Sustainable Approach

Now that you have a grip on managing your screen time, let's talk about conserving battery life. 

With the efficient use of your Google Pixel's resources, you can extend the lifespan of your device, contributing to UR's mission of sustainability and extending the life of your refurbished phone.

Some quick tips to save battery on your Google Pixel include:

  • Reducing screen brightness or setting it to auto.
  • Turning off vibrate.
  • Limiting background data.
  • Closing unnecessary apps running in the background.
  • Using battery saver mode.

Also, regular software updates can improve battery life. So, make sure your device is always up-to-date.

Refurbished Phones: A Conscious Choice

Making a conscious choice in the digital age extends beyond screen time and battery management. It's also about the decisions we make when choosing our devices. 

Opting for a refurbished phone from UR is not just a cost-effective solution; it's a step towards a more sustainable digital lifestyle.

UR's collection of refurbished Google Pixels and other devices come with a PhoneCheck certification, ensuring a rigorous 90-point check that verifies the device's quality and performance.

In the final part of this guide, we'll explore more about why a refurbished Google Pixel from UR is a smart and sustainable choice and how we support you throughout your journey with our device warranty, insurance options, and comprehensive customer service. 

We'll also explain more about what you'll find in the box when you choose a refurbished device from UR.

UR: More Than Just a Phone Seller

At UR.co.uk we don't just sell refurbished phones; we're a community dedicated to fostering sustainability in the digital realm. 

We believe in providing high-quality, refurbished devices that meet our customers' needs without contributing to the ever-growing electronic waste problem.

All our refurbished devices, including our wide range of Google Pixels, come with a PhoneCheck Certified assurance, which means they've been through rigorous testing to ensure their performance and durability.

UR's Comprehensive Customer Support

Choosing a refurbished phone from UR is just the beginning. We provide comprehensive customer support that covers you in every aspect. 

Our Device Insurance offers protection against accidental damages, ensuring your peace of mind.

What's in the Box?

Wondering what you'll receive when you purchase a refurbished phone from UR? Our What's in the Box page provides complete details of what you can expect with your purchase.

We ensure you receive everything you need to start using your device straight away.

How to Check Screen Time on Google Pixel - Final Thoughts

Choose a refurbished Google Pixel from UR for a smart, sustainable choice. With PhoneCheck certification and top-notch quality checks, UR guarantees excellent performance for your device. 

Enjoy comprehensive customer support, including customized warranty and insurance options. 

You’ll also receive everything you need in the box to start using your refurbished Google Pixel right away. 

Join UR.co.uk for a high-quality, sustainable Google Pixel experience.

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