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Refurbished iPhone SE 2020 vs 2022

Refurbished iPhone SE 2020 vs 2022. In the ever-evolving world of Apple iPhones, choosing between a refurbished iPhone SE 2020 and the newer SE 2022 can be challenging, especially considering factors like battery life, price, and camera capabilities.

In this comparison, we'll dive deep into several factors, including:

  • Performance: Comparing the chipset and efficiency of both models

  • Display: Screen size, pixel density, and brightness

  • Battery: Capacity, wireless charging, and fast charging capabilities

Join us as we unravel the pros and cons of these two iPhones, helping you decide which is the better buy in 2023.

Design and Display Compared: iPhone SE 2020 vs SE 2022

Identical design

The iPhone SE 2020 and the newer SE 2022 share a similar design with big bezels surrounding a smaller screen.

The dimensions are identical, with the main difference being that the SE 2022 weighs slightly less at 144g, compared to the SE 2020 which comes in at 148g.

Screen similarities

Both Apple iPhone SE models offer the same display quality with identical pixel density, which comprises a 750x1334p resolution running at 60Hz.

And if you were hoping for an OLED display, you're out of luck. You'll need to invest in a higher-end model, such as the iPhone 12 or iPhone 13, instead of one of these two phones.

Water resistance and durability

The water resistance of these two iPhone SE line models is worth considering for those prone to accidental spills or drops.

Both phones feature water resistance with an IP67 rating, ensuring durability and protection.

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Performance of Each Apple iPhone SE Device: Comparing Apples to Apples

Same chip? Not on Apple's watch!

When comparing performance, the iPhone SE 2020 and SE 2022 are equipped with Apple's impressive chips - the A13 Bionic and A15 Bionic, respectively.

The SE 2022 model's upgraded processor translates to smoother multitasking and handling of resource-intensive applications, which results in enhanced future proofing.

Embracing C-Band for faster connectivity

A notable distinction between the two iPhone SE models is their C-Band support.

The SE 2022 incorporates C-Band compatibility, delivering faster download speeds and reduced latency for a more seamless browsing experience.

This added feature makes the SE 2022 more appealing for those seeking advanced connectivity and a future-ready device.

Camera Capabilities: Comparing the SE Models

Handling low light and overall image quality

In terms of camera performance, both the iPhone SE 2020 and SE 2022 come with a 12 MP single rear camera that delivers similar results.

While they capture decent photos in low-light conditions, neither device features a dedicated Night mode for superior low-light photography.

Steady shots and video recording capabilities

Both iPhone SE models include optical image stabilization, ensuring stable shots and improved image quality across various shooting conditions.

The two devices have comparable capabilities regarding video recording, such as 4K video at 60 fps and slow-motion recording at 240 fps.

Given the similarities in camera performance, this aspect may not be a deciding factor when choosing between the two iPhones.

Battery Life: A Duel for Longevity

Battery endurance and the power-efficient edge

When pitting the iPhone SE 2020 and SE 2022 against each other in terms of battery life, they both possess similar battery capacities.

However, the SE 2022 has an ace up its sleeve – a more power-efficient chip that could contribute to a marginally longer battery life during daily use.

Swift charging, cordless convenience, and MagSafe limitations

The iPhone SE 2020 and SE 2022 both support fast charging, allowing users to quickly juice up their devices when time is of the essence.

Moreover, they both embrace the convenience of wireless charging, freeing users from the tangled mess of cables.

However, MagSafe compatibility is absent from both models, leaving them disconnected from the growing world of MagSafe accessories you'll find on a new iPhone.

Video marathon and day-to-day performance

When it comes to video playback stamina, the iPhone SE 2020 and SE 2022 are on equal footing, lasting through hours of nonstop video indulgence.

The SE 2022 might hold a slight advantage due to its efficient processor, but the two devices should deliver similar performances in everyday use.

In the end, battery life is unlikely to sway your decision one way or another when weighing the pros and cons of these two iPhones.

When buying refurbished phones from, you're guaranteed 80% minimum battery health as part of our approved used and Phonecheck-certified refurbishment process.

Audio and Connectivity: A Symphony of Sound

Harmonious stereo speakers

Both the iPhone SE 2020 and SE 2022 boast stereo speakers, immersing users in captivating soundscapes.

With each device offering high-quality audio output, music, movies, and calls are transformed into delightful auditory experiences.

Steadfast connections and fingerprint security

When it comes to connectivity, the iPhone SE models provide reliable performance as long as you're not a power user.

Both devices rely on Touch ID for secure and user-friendly access, ensuring consistent ease of use.

Syncing with the Apple ecosystem

The iPhone SE 2020 and SE 2022 effortlessly blend into the Apple universe, maintaining compatibility with an array of Apple products like the Apple Watch and AirPods.

Seamless integration with these devices enables users to easily manage their gadgets and stay interconnected.

Price and Affordability: The Budget iPhone Battle

Diverging specs, converging price points

While the iPhone SE 2020 and SE 2022 inhabit a similar price range, they diverge regarding specifications such as processing capabilities.

Choosing between the two models will depend on users' unique requirements and preferences.

Confronting the old with the new

Pitting the older iPhone SE 2020 against the newer SE 2022, the most notable distinction is the advanced chip powering the SE 2022.

This enhancement boosts performance and efficiency, making it an attractive choice for those seeking an affordable iPhone without sacrificing power.

The upgrade conundrum

For users wielding an older iPhone SE or a similar vintage device, leaping to the iPhone SE 2022 could be a smart move.

Its advanced processing power and efficiency make it a more future-proof choice, ensuring its relevance for years to come.

However, for those who already possess an iPhone SE 2020, the decision to upgrade will hinge on their individual needs and the weight they place on the performance enhancements offered by the SE 2022.


Duelling refurbished iPhones: SE 2020 vs. SE 2022

As we reach the final stretch in the refurbished iPhone SE 2020 and iPhone SE 2022 showdown, the better buy for a cheap iPhone in 2023 ultimately depends on your preferences and needs.

Our recommendations

For budget-conscious shoppers, the refurbished iPhone SE 2020, starting at £149.95, remains a solid choice.

However, if you're seeking enhanced performance, the refurbished iPhone SE 2022, starting at £299.95, offers a future-proof option.

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