Google Pixel Wireless Charging: Embracing a Tangle-free Future

Google Pixel Wireless Charging: Embracing a Tangle-free Future

Written by: Cristian Fry


Google Pixel Wireless Charging

Embracing a Tangle-free Future

Google Pixel Wireless Charging. Google Pixel wireless charging revolutionises smartphone convenience.

With wireless charging, Google Pixel users can effortlessly power up their devices without the hassle of cords and cables.

It’s a game-changer because it offers:

  • Simplified charging process
  • Increased flexibility and mobility
  • Enhanced durability with fewer port connections

Discover how Google Pixel’s wireless charging technology is reshaping how we power our smartphones.

An Overview of Google Pixel's Wireless Charging Feature

Wireless charging is the process of powering up your device using electromagnetic fields to transfer energy between two objects.

Google Pixel devices, particularly from the Pixel 3 onwards, support this technology, providing users with a cable-free, hassle-free charging solution.

Looking for a reliable, refurbished Google Pixel phone that supports wireless charging? 

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The Advantages of Wireless Charging

What sets wireless charging apart? Why is it a much-lauded feature in the Google Pixel lineup?

That's exactly what we'll cover in this section!

A Clutter-Free Experience

With wireless charging, you can say goodbye to tangled cables and cluttered desks. 

All you need is a wireless charging pad or stand, and you're good to go.

Universal Compatibility

Wireless charging utilises a standard known as Qi (pronounced 'chee'), making it compatible across many devices.

If your household has various brands of smartphones, as long as they support wireless charging, you can use a single charger for all of them.

Reduced Wear and Tear

The constant plugging and unplugging of cables can cause wear and tear both to the charging cable and your phone's charging port.

Wireless charging eliminates this problem, potentially extending the lifespan of your device.

In line with our mission to promote sustainability, the reduced wear and tear due to wireless charging means less electronic waste.

To learn more about our sustainability efforts, visit our Karma page and read about how refurbished phones contribute to the environment.

Google Pixel Models Supporting Wireless Charging

It's essential to note that not all Google Pixel phones support wireless charging. It's a feature introduced from Google Pixel 3 onwards.

For those particularly interested in this feature, you might want to consider Google Pixel 3 and newer models.

Here are some of the options available in our Google Pixel collection:

  1. Google Pixel 4a
  2. Google Pixel 5
  3. Google Pixel 6
  4. Google Pixel 6 Pro
  5. Google Pixel 7
  6. Google Pixel 7 Pro

Rest assured that all these models, along with the rest of our refurbished devices, come with our comprehensive 12-month warranty and 12 months of FREE insurance!

Google Pixel Wireless Charging: The Convenience and Efficiency Revolution

Google Pixel's wireless charging feature is a revolution in convenience and efficiency. But how exactly does it work?

What are the benefits of this technology, and how does Google Pixel's wireless charging compare to that of other major brands?

We're diving into all these and more, starting with the basics of this groundbreaking feature.

The Magic Behind Google Pixel's Wireless Charging

Imagine placing your Google Pixel on a special pad and seeing the battery life magically increase. That's the beauty of wireless charging.

This technology works based on a process called electromagnetic induction. Essentially, a charging pad contains a loop of coiled wires around a bar magnet — known as an inductor.

When an electric current passes through this coiled wire, it creates an electromagnetic field around the magnet.

This can then induce an electric current in a nearby inductor, which is located in your phone, ultimately enabling it to charge without any need for a physical connection.

Our blog post on how to charge Google Pixel 6 provides a more detailed breakdown of this process.

Google Pixel vs Other Brands: Wireless Charging Comparison

Google Pixel holds its own against top competitors in the realm of wireless charging, including Samsung and Apple devices. 

It offers fast and efficient charging that aligns with or even surpasses, that of other leading brands.

Notably, certain Google Pixel devices, including the Pixel 7 Pro, also feature reverse wireless charging, allowing them to share power with other Qi-enabled devices.

This is particularly useful when charging your wireless headphones or even a friend's phone!

Using a Refurbished Google Pixel for Wireless Charging

At UR, we offer an array of refurbished Google Pixel devices, all of which come with a wireless charging feature.

These phones, certified by our meticulous PhoneCheck process, offer fantastic value for money, all while providing the cutting-edge features you expect from a modern smartphone.

Have concerns about purchasing refurbished phones? 

Our blog post on buying a refurbished phone can put your mind at ease, as can our dedicated device warranty registration process.

The Best Google Pixel Models for Wireless Charging and How to Optimise the Experience

Google Pixel's wireless charging feature is a technological advancement that has set a new standard in the smartphone industry.

From the Google Pixel 3, which first introduced this feature, to the most recent models, Google has continued to enhance this technology, providing faster, more efficient charging.

Tips to Optimise Your Wireless Charging Experience

  1. Use a high-quality wireless charger: Not all chargers are created equal. Make sure to use a charger that meets or exceeds the power requirements of your device. All Qi-certified chargers should be compatible with Google Pixel devices.
  2. Position your phone correctly: For wireless charging to work, the charging coils in your phone need to align with those in the charger. Make sure to position your phone correctly on the charging pad.
  3. Remove your phone case: Some phone cases, especially thicker ones, might interfere with wireless charging. If you're having trouble, try removing your phone case.
  4. Keep it cool: Heat can slow down charging speed and even damage your phone. Try to keep your phone and the charging pad in a cool place.

The Google Pixel's wireless charging feature is a perfect blend of convenience, efficiency, and forward-thinking technology.

If you're ready to experience this, visit our Google Pixel collection today and take advantage of our great deals on refurbished devices.

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