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Why Does My Samsung Phone Keep Turning Off?

Written by: Emma Morris


Why Does My Samsung Phone Keep Turning Off?

Have you ever had a heart-stopping moment when your Samsung phone goes completely black, with no way of turning it back on?

Well, there are options to explore beyond the simple methods of trying to charge it up and praying for its revival.

For quick answers: Your Android device could be turning off due to battery issues, software glitches, or even hardware malfunctions.

Stick around as we break down every nook and cranny of this frustrating issue.

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Key Takeaways

  • A lazy battery isn't the only villain; software glitches can wreak havoc too.
  • Firmware matters! Ignoring those big updates is a no-no.
  • Hardware isn't always bulletproof; sometimes, it's the core issue.
  • Factory reset: a last-resort life-saver.

Dubious Battery Status

You know that gut-sinking feeling when your Android phone keeps turning off even though you're sure you have plenty of battery left? It's not just you.

This can be a sign that your battery's playing mind games with your device as a result of old age.

See, over time batteries tend to lose their oomph, and that causes the Android OS to misread the power levels.

If you find yourself in this situation, take a closer look at the battery information screen in your Settings App, and calibrate your battery to help set things straight.

After you've done so, recharge your device back to full health.

Issue with Third-Party Chargers

So, you've attempted to charge your device, but your Android phone still turns off even after leaving it connected for hours on end.

Unfortunately, the issue could be the charging cable and USB cable itself.

Most Android phones are fickle devices when it comes to their accessories, meaning that using unofficial or knock-off chargers could cause system issues to your phone after attachment.

For complete peace of mind, find a verified charging cable, or a third-party charger with positive reviews, and attempt to add more juice to your phone all over again.

If it works, congratulations! You can now throw that old one where it belongs - in the bin.

Note: Did you know third-party charges can be a fire hazard due to poor quality control? When you're looking for a new one, always check what others say about the accessory beforehand.

Software and App Issues

Let's get into the nitty-gritty: software issues.

Yes, outdated or incompatible software can cause all sorts of havoc to your device if left unnoticed.

And, from software updates to third-party apps, your Android device has plenty of opportunities to go haywire.

Software's Role in Stability

First things first: never underestimate the power of an update to fix Android phone hiccups.

Skipping updates can trigger all sorts of Android issues, such as outdated firmware bugs and other Android system issues that you didn't even know existed.

Altogether, these could be the culprits behind your Samsung phone turning off randomly.

But good news! Getting your Android phone updated isn't a Herculean task either.

  • Get Everything Up-to-Date: Dive into your Settings, find 'Software Update,' and tap that 'Download and Install' button.

Doing this ensures that your device is running the latest version of Android OS, equipped with all the new bug fixes and features to keep things smooth.

Still experiencing automatic shutdowns post-update? That could point to more complex Android problems, perhaps related to Android system files or built-in apps.

Incompatible apps

If you've install apps recently, then you might have accidentally welcomed some pesky bug into your system that's causing your Samsung to shut off.

But how we resolve this issues? Well, consider rolling up your sleeves for some DIY action.

  • Safe Mode: Hold down the power button, and as soon as the Samsung logo appears, smash those volume keys down.

Now you're in Safe Mode! Here, your phone is like a gated community where only the built-in apps can be viewed.

If your device is working back to normal again, third-party, incompatible apps might have been what was causing all the issues.

To resolve the problem, just restart your device as you normally would and delete the apps you've recently downloaded.

If your phone still has the audacity to shut down, a factory data reset could be the next step.

Just be warned: This option should only be the last resort after backing up your data - your phone will be wiped clean once a factory reset has been completed.

Power Button Woes on Android Devices

Let's dig deeper into that ever-so-humble power button.

A faulty one can make your Samsung phone a royal pain, mimicking software glitches or even Android system issues.

Imagine this: your phone keeps turning off, and you're breaking your head thinking it's some deep, dark Android OS mystery when it's just that tiny button causing all the issues!

So, how do you figure out if your power button's gone rogue?

  • Notice How It Feels: If pressing it feels different, that's a clue.

  • Turning Off Randomly: If you notice your phone turns on and off without rhyme or reason, especially when you're not touching it, it might just be the culprit.

If these symptoms ring a bell, get in touch with your device manufacturer to fix your Android phone.

A power button acting up isn't just annoying; it can lead to other problems like accidental factory data resets. So, don't shrug it off.

Overheating Powering Down Your Samsung

Overheating is a common culprit in Samsung phones taking an uninvited snooze.

When your device turns into a pocket-sized radiator, the Android system goes into panic mode and initiates an automatic shutdown to protect the hardware.

Now, you might be asking, "What exactly causes the heat?" Well, high CPU usage is a classic heat maker.

Streaming videos non-stop or having too many apps running can increase your phone's temperature, causing it to ultimately turn off when it all gets too much.

But there are quick fixes.

Start by closing unnecessary apps to give  your phone a little breather, and try moving your Android device to a cooler environment.

It should sort itself out within a few hours.

Professional Android Repair

If you've gone through all of the DIY fixes and updates, but your phone still acts like it's got a mind of its own, it's time to consider professional assistance.

Here's a handy table to help you figure out when to ditch the home remedies and head straight for the repair shop.

Situation Reason to Seek Professional Help
Persistent Black Screen Could signify deep-rooted software issues or hardware failure.
Phone keeps turning off post-update Indicates that the problem isn't just a lack of updates.
Battery drains in just a few hours Could be a hardware issue that needs immediate attention.

By the way, if you're wrestling with other Samsung-specific issues, like video cropping or making calls, don't fret. We've got in-depth guides to help you out. Check out our articles on how to crop a video on Samsung and why is Samsung phone not allowing me to make calls.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my manufacturer warranty valid for these issues?

Manufacturer warranty usually covers phone problems related to hardware.

If you've tweaked your Android version or triggered a device internal self reset, you might void the warranty.

Always read the fine print and reach out to your phone manufacturer for specifics.

Are there DIY tips for extending my phone's battery life?

Absolutely! Battery life is often at the centre of most phone problems.

To prolong it, keep tabs on your battery usage by diving into the battery info screen in settings.

Cut down on apps that you don't use but still eat up your battery.

This is more of a long-term game, but it's worth it in the end.

Final Thoughts

There you have it—the nitty-gritty of why your Samsung might be playing coy and shutting down on you.

From the ins and outs of third-party chargers to the labyrinth of software glitches, we've charted the murky waters.

It's not just about hitting the panic button; it's about knowing when to do a DIY quick-fix and when to wave the white flag for professional help.

Speaking of peace of mind, at UR.co.uk, we put the 'green' in screen time by planting a tree for every refurbished Samsung Galaxy phone purchased. Dive into our commitment to sustainability to see how we're doing our bit for Mother Earth today.

Happy problem solving!

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