UR Shortlisted for Industry CSR, Sustainability Award

UR Shortlisted for Mobile Industry CSR and Sustainability Award

UR Shortlisted for Mobile Industry CSR and Sustainability Award. When the UK’s Mobile Industry Awards recognises a business within the field to be doing something great, you know it’s a gold seal of approval from a board who knows best when it comes to buying and selling phones.

The accolades up for grabs are wide ranging, from Best Phone Repair Service to Best Online Phone Retailer, but with over 50 mobile phone companies entering a total of 25 categories, it’s tough competition.

So when we discovered ur had been shortlisted for the ‘Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability Initiative of the Year’ Award – it felt all the more rewarding.

What’s ur been nominated for?

Recognition from the Award committee comes for our 'Love it. Use it. Return it.’ pledge, a founding cornerstone to our business which underpins everything we stand for at ur. And because it makes us exceptionally proud that the quintessential focus of our business is what’s landed us on this incredible shortlist – we wanted to give our award nominated principle a moment in the sun.

Why did ur launch 'Love it. Use it. Return it.’?

'Love it. Use it. Return it.’ might not be the most complicated of campaigns – but we believe here in lies its magic. You see because we’re in the game of refurbished phones and because we have the best in the business refurbishing ur phones to the highest standard, we don’t need the jargon or the catchy headlines. Instead, we just rely on the basics.

We are so confident in our ability to refurbish mobile phones back to their former glory and in the sustainability benefits our work, we wanted to put the two together and shout about it. 'Love it. Use it. Return it' is simply ur guide to saving ur pennies and ur planet. 

What does 'Love it. Use it. Return it.’ mean to ur customers?

Here’s the idea: when you buy a ur refurbished iPhone 11, we know you'll spend the next 12 months loving that reconditioned phone before you're ready for a switch up. A whole lot more than talking; from weather checks to takeaways, social to stock markets - we know you'll use it well.

When the times comes and your refurbished iPhone 11 has been used to its full potential – we ask for it back.

We ask that ur customers keep hold of the 100% biodegradable box that their ur refurbished phone originally came in, so that they can send it securely back to us in that same beautiful chariot when you’re ready for a trade in. When it arrives, our technical gurus assess the used phone and based on the condition – we pay out to the sender, or let you redeem the value against your new refurbished model. And the more it’s been loved and care for, the more money we pay. 

We guarantee it will be loved and used, again, and again, giving your device the lifespan it deserves. Looping in our expert technicians so that we can loop out the landfills.

For us it's all about the circular economy. Love it. Use it. Return it. Love it. Use it. Return it. Get it?

What does 'Love it. Use it. Return it.’ mean to ur planet?

Refurbishing phones instead of sending them to landfill has huge benefits to the welfare of the planet. E-waste is pilling up across the globe and so the more we do to stop it, the better. In fact, last month we wrote a whole insider scoop on the real sustainability benefits of buying refurbished phones.

But the 'Love it. Use it. Return it.’ ethos is about more than just reconditioned phones. Every time a customer buys a used phone from us, we plant one tree with our tree planting partner, Ecologi. That’s one living, breathing do-gooder planted into the world, helping towards reforestation. Then, once a ur customer returns their used phone to us ready for it to be lovingly reconditioned and bought by another refurbished phone lover, we plant another two trees.

And this isn’t a one-time-only gig. Every single time a customer completes the Circle, we plant those trees. Stick with us, and you’re on your way to a forest. All part of giving back - it’s sustainability at its finest.

It's our refurb revolution and we want it to be yours too. 

Tune into the Awards

So that’s the backstory to our incredible nomination. It’s a big moment for us after 10 years of buying and selling tech and three years of refurbishing mobile phones. We’re thrilled to be here and to have you with us – now all that’s left is to watch this space.

The Mobile Industry Awards will celebrate the best in the Mobile Industry on 29 September 2021.

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