Why Refurbished Phones Are Better For The Environment?

Climate change is a hot topic at the moment (pardon the pun) and whilst we are all doing what we can to help, many of us still choose to replace our phones with a newer model as soon as our contract ends.


But did you know that mobile phones are the most damaging of all tech and 9,023 phones are being thrown away every second of the entire year?


Shocking statistics, we know!


How the production of your phone is impacting climate change


The production of mobile phones relies heavily on fossil fuels, one of the leading contributors to climate change. Fossil fuels release excess greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, which depletes the ozone layer. The ozone layer is a critical component of the earth’s atmosphere as it blocks harmful ultraviolet rays, which exaggerate the greenhouse effect further.


While some industries are trying to use renewable energy where possible, the effects of fossil-fuel-based factories are ruining the ozone layer to an irreversible extent.


But it’s not just the factories that are damaging the environment, as the raw materials needed to make your smartphones require 1.4 billion phones are produced each year and research shows that a single phone results in 10-15 kg of an ore that needs to be mined. Mining results in a myriad of environmental problems, such as deforestation, erosion, and sinkholes. Not the mention many mines lack the safety precautions necessary to keep workers safe and healthy.


We currently live in a world where business trumps all, and while there is demand there will also be production.


Reduce, reuse and refurbish



You should know the three R’s by now: reduce, reuse and recycle. But we suggest adding a fourth R to your list - refurbish. Refurbished tech will slow the demand for new phones, therefore should reduce the amount of new technology being manufactured.


By choosing to buy a refurbished phone you will be helping to lessen the number of phones that end up in landfills. There is estimated to be 49.8 million tonnes of e-waste every year, and with new models being released year on year this is only going to increase. Arguably, this is the area where you can make the biggest impact, as we have little control, as consumers, on how products are produced.


We have to ask ourselves is it worth it?


Refurbished phones come in all shapes and sizes, so if you just need something cheap and cheerful that works or are desperate to have a recent model then you can. All the while, you are saving some cash and helping restore the environment.


Our Promise


Although we love our tech, UR prides itself on positively contribute to the fight against climate change. With every phone refurbished and sold we have pledged to plant a tree, with our forest being called home by 1,659 trees so far. 


But this is only the start, we want to keep reducing the amount of e-waste and get people thinking circular. By choosing a refurbished phone you will be part of the change. 


You can keep track of our eco-progress here.